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BioPlus Tech Ltd

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Specialists in immunoassay PRODUCTION

We develop and manufacture immunoassays to a high standard so that they deliver a reliable performance in the field. 


BioPlus Tech Ltd operate to standards required by USDA.

We are currently approved to subcontract for a USDA licensed company.  

We run a proficient research laboratory for continual development of new and existing products.


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  • Quality ELISA production
  • Routine Testing
  • Consultation
  • Product Development
  • Assay Analysis
  • Research

BioPlus Tech Ltd was established in December 2013 to manufacture assays for a global veterinary diagnostic company. 

We have special expertise relating to the industry, with staff contributing over 20 years of experience. This includes the generation of new products, assay development and high quality large scale production. 


BioPlus Tech Ltd seek to expand in the industry and collaborate with other companies and universities focusing on immunoassay development.